A New Health Centre Opened at Kovifem

by | Mar 6, 2015 | BSFA News

The 25th February 2015 was a long awaited day of celebration for the people in Kumbo Central when a brand new Health Centre was opened at Kovifem, funded by BSFA supporters.  This forms part of a large integrated project which also included the construction of classroom blocks at five schools in the area, a river bridge and a large water supply. In the past, villagers from this area would have to trek miles to the nearest Health Centre: people looked to traditional healers for help instead of making the long journey to hospital and many women died in childbirth on the side of the road during the long trek.  The new centre has consultation and delivery rooms, equipped with beds, cots etc as well as a well stocked pharmacy and an equipped lab.  On the day of the opening the nurse in charge of the Centre started a programme of polio vaccination for children under 5.  A Management Commitee has been put in place which works in close liaison with the Health Authorities and a system of charges has been established for consultations, drugs etc. to provide an income for the Centre to ensure its sustainability.