CETIC Kongola gets a visit from the British High Commissioner

by | Nov 21, 2023 | Improving Lives News

We were so delighted to learn that the British High Commissioner, Mr. Barry Lowen, was able to visit the Technical High School at Kongola whilst he was in the Far North region recently.  CETIC Kongola is our latest school building project, which is due to be handed over to the community on 23rd November 2023, and is the first of our projects that Mr. Lowen has seen.  We understand that he was very impressed and enjoyed the visit immensely.  All the trustees of BSFA, the staff at SHUMAS and the staff and pupils of the school were so appreciative of this visit – it means a lot to all of us that the representative of the British Government should take time out from his busy schedule to support our work.

BHC outside school    School building in the background

BHC and SHUMAS staff          BHC speech

Mr. Lowan with SHUMAS staff                     BHC makes a speech appreciating the project