COVID causes a change of plan

by | Jan 28, 2021 | Improving Lives News

At the beginning of 2020, we received a wonderful donation of 21 reconditioned laptops from our supporters at Willmott Dixon.  These were destined to be shipped out to Cameroon and distributed to some of our secondary schools there – but unfortunately the pandemic really put a spanner in the works and these computers have been gathering dust for months  whilst we hoped that the situation would improve.

Since then, it has become apparent that many children in the UK do not have access to computers to do their home learning, so it seemed appropriate that we change our plan and give ours to UK schools instead.  Fortunately, a small firm on the Isle of Wight (Wightbyte Computers) has been able to distribute them to three primary schools (Gurnard, Cowes and Lanesend) here on the Island.  The schools are really delighted that more children can now access the on-line teaching materials and we (and our supporters at Willmott Dixon) are equally delighted that we have been able to help them too.