How you can help

We are thrilled that, over the years, we have received regular donations from large corporations, UK and US businesses, schools and big-hearted individuals – all of whom like knowing that the money they give will not only be of real benefit children in Cameroon, but will also be well spent and well accounted for.

We regularly receive donations from groups who have organised a really enjoyable fundraising event to benefit our charity – there have been marathons, football matches, cycle rides, parachute jumps, concerts, cake sales, tea parties, non-uniform days, wedding gift and special birthday events … people have been so generous and so imaginative.

Why not join in and organise an event wherever you live?

You might like to create your own fundraising page through Just Giving. It couldn’t be easier. Just click on the Just Giving Make a Page button below and follow the set-up instructions. Your supporters will be able to use this page to send money directly, and securely, through to Building Schools for Africa.

Here is a guide to how your donations could benefit schoolchildren in Cameroon.

£50 will buy

uniforms for 10 primary school children.

£140 will buy

5 school benches – enough to seat 15 pupils

£675 will build

new school toilet with handwashing facilities

£1000 helps install

clean drinking water at a school

£6,000 will build

a classroom at a primary school

£8,800 will construct

a borehole, giving drinking water to a whole community

£25,000 will construct

a primary school project of 3 classrooms, office, latrine with handwashing facilities, school garden tools/seeds, monitoring costs etc.