Improved health facilities at Wainamah

by | May 27, 2017 | BSFA News

This is the newly refurbished and equipped health centre at Wainamah in the NW region, which was handed over to the community on April 26th 2017.  The pictures below show what the facilities were like before.  

The health centre treats over 7,000 patients each year and now boasts a separate children’s ward, an effective laboratory, a counselling room and an office for patients’ records to be kept, as well as improved facilities for adult admissions.  It is anticipated that these improvements will reduce maternal and under-5s mortality by 50% as well as saving the villagers the considerable cost of having to travel to hospital for treatment.

Thanks to our generous supporters for funding this excellent project.

lab at sacred heart

The old laboratory facilities

Wainnamah Health Centre

Health centre before it was rehabilitated