More projects underway

by | May 6, 2019 | BSFA News

We were delighted recently to have been able to send funds to our partner in Cameroon which will enable the construction  of two more really worthwhile projects.

GBPS Sodiko

New classrooms under construction

Three classrooms with all necessary furniture, an office/store, a new latrine and a borehole for clean drinking water have already been started at bilingual primary school at Sodiko in Littoral Region.  For the first time, children at this school will have a block of classrooms of their own and will no longer have to squeeze into the house that they have borrowed for many years, to use as their classrooms.  Many internally displaced children from the anglophone regions have moved to Sodiko and have enrolled at this school in order to be able to continue their education during the current crisis, which has caused thousands of children in the English speaking regions to miss school for more than two years.


Bonendale HC

Bonendale Health Centre

The Bonendale Health Centre, which also receives patients from amongst the many internally displaced anglophone Cameroonians in the Littoral region, will benefit from a new maternity facility complete with new equipment.  This large health centre was constructed in 1980 but is now far too small to cope with the large numbers of women who have fled to  this the area and are in need of decent maternity care.

Many thanks are due to our regular supporters at Sunesis, Lead Forensics and Gompels Healthcare for providing the funds for these projects.