Our Trustees

Marianne Johnson

Marianne is a retired teacher and is the Secretary of Building Schools for Africa. She was also a long-standing trustee of AidCamps International, the charity from which Building Schools for Africa evolved. Through her work with AidCamps International, Marianne has taken numerous groups of volunteers to work on rural village school building projects in India, Nepal and Cameroon.

Ian Johnson

Ian is a retired doctor who has also led groups of AidCamps International volunteers on projects in India. He has undertaken several medical electives in hospitals and rural clinics in South Africa, Malawi, Kenya and Cameroon and has recently been awarded a Diploma in Tropical Medicine from the London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. He is Chair of Building Schools for Africa.

Nick Hayward

Nick Hayward retired having successfully run a family business for 25 years. He worked with a number of schools and training companies to enable young students, particularly those with special needs, to take part in Modern Apprenticeship schemes. He has also been a trustee of the Isle of Wight Youth Trust and was appointed High Sherrif of the Isle of Wight for 2012/13. Nick is our Treasurer, and is supported in his work for BSFA by his wife, Nicky Hayward, who was also one of the founding trustees.

Judith Moore

Judith has been a GP on the Isle of Wight for 25 years. She has been a supporter of Building Schools for Africa since its beginning and recently travelled to Cameroon to see the work of SHUMAS at first hand. Judith has served on numerous committees and has been a trustee of the Youth Trust on the Isle of Wight.

Stuart Whitman

Stuart has lived on the Isle of Wight for 10 years and, having originally studied Marine Biology, he has subsequently worked on a number of international sailing projects, including the 2012 Olympics. He is currently employed at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Stuart says that BSFA’s effective sustainable development model, its significant positive impact on the communities it helps and the fact that every penny donated goes to the construction of new classrooms is what motivated him to get involved.

Andrew Hindle

Andrew has supported Building Schools for Africa funding many projects over the last eight years with his family through fundraising activities in the UK. Together they have taken a number of trips to Cameroon to visit the projects first hand. Andrew retired from the NHS in 2022 and joined BSFA as a trustee.

Nicky Hayward

Nicky was a founding trustee of BSFA and was Secretary to the charity for many years. Although she is no longer a trustee, she continues to help us with much of our administrative work.
One or two of the volunteer BSFA trustees travel out to Cameroon each year, usually at our own expense but sometimes using the benefit of GiftAid, to visit the schools and take part in the monitoring process. In this way we are able to give excellent feedback to all our funders and still guarantee that every penny donated goes towards the construction of new schools. There are still hundreds of schools that need our help and we hope that we will be able to continue to provide the small assistance that makes such a difference to the lives of so many deserving children in Africa