Recent Support for New Projects

by | Nov 9, 2014 | BSFA News

Market Makers funded  a third  significant project through BSFA in 2013 and three schools, equipment for a health centre and a water supply at Makanene (Centre Region) are about to be opened by a team of employees who are flying out especially for the occasion.  They will also visit the tumbledown schools in Mbiambe which they will be helping to reconstruct next year. Pictures soon!

Clymac made another generous donation earlier this year, which will allow SHUMAS to buy a much-needed new Hi-lux truck. This will make travel to all the school sites MUCH MUCH easier. And now they are funding new classrooms for two primary schools in the Far North Region, Ecole Publique Waifi and Ecole Publique de Bangara-Yaoua-Yaoua (pictured above).

Three classrooms, a new latrine and a head teacher’s office, funded by Vitol, were opened in April 2014 at CSS Ngouetou, in the Centre Region, and there was sufficient funds remaining to also build one new classroom at another nearby school, CES Biakoa.  The communities at both these villages worked so well on these constructions that the Government has donated two additional classrooms at each school.

Two schools, a water project and equipment for a health centre, all in the NW region, and another school in the South West region – have been funded by a very generous donation from Gompels Healthcare. The construction of these projects is almost complete and we expect that they will be opened by the end of November. Pictures to be posted as soon as we get them.

We are hugely indebted to the continued support our friends in business. Thank you for helping us make a significant difference to the lives of thousands of children in Cameroon.