Rising to the (Three Peaks) challenge!

by | May 15, 2017 | BSFA News

We have just learned that our brilliant supporters at Market Makers in Portsmouth are encouraging their staff to take part in the Three Peaks Challenge in the Yorkshire Dales this June.  They will be raising funds to help build quality classrooms  at the High School in Jiyane and the Technical School in Mbokevu: to refurbish and re-equip the Kevu Health Centre and provide a borehole for clean drinking water at GHS Jiyane. 

Thanks SO MUCH to you all – We LOVE your generosity and we promise that every penny you raise will go directly to the projects with no deductions at all.  You are going to make a HUGE difference to the lives of the families in this area.  Thank you for your continuing support.

Inside the current classroom at GSS Jiyane

Dirt floors and mud block walls currently at GSS Jiyane

No windows or doors in the classrooms currently in use

The only classroom block currently at GTC Mbockevu