Schools in Extreme North finally opened

by | Dec 27, 2016 | BSFA News

Sometimes it takes a long time for our school building projects to reach completion and be ready to hand over to the village communities … but we get there in the end, thanks to the determination of the SHUMAS expert workers!  

Three more schools in the villages of Dama, Zouaye and Mayel Ibbe in the Extreme North of Cameroon finally celebrated the opening of classroom blocks and boreholes for clean drinking water in late November 2016.  It had taken SHUMAS more than six months to overcome various challenges such as transporting materials along the very poor roads leading to these remote locations, severe flash floods and six weeks with a totally waterlogged project site before the keys to the classrooms could finally be handed over.   The schools are highly valued in this region and the clean drinking water has already started to transform lives.  The classrooms at the secondary school in Dama are shown above.