Our Special Appeal for 2021

Our goal – to raise £50,000


For the past 4 years, Cameroon has suffered from a socio-political crisis, known as the Anglophone crisis. The unrest, which started in 2016, has escalated into an armed conflict between secessionists and government security forces, resulting in many civilian deaths, destruction of villages and livelihoods, and the disruption of basic services and public infrastructure. The UN has confirmed that, in the NW and SW regions, more than 80 percent of schools are still closed, with more than 70 schools destroyed and many transformed into military barracks by Non State Armed Groups (NSAGs) or the State Security Forces (SSF). This has meant that approximately 700,000 children have missed school for the past four years.

Schools were supposed to start back on 5th October 2020, but many have remained closed, especially in the hard to reach rural areas of the NW/SW regions. A few mission schools have been allowed to re-open but under very restricted conditions. With no signs of the crisis coming to an end anytime soon, these few mission schools remain the only hope for children in most parts of the NW/SW regions to get any education.

We are hoping to raise £50,000 to allow three of these schools to stay open and function effectively, enabling 2,000 children to get back into education and a further 1000 to take public exams in science subjects.

CS Jakiri

This is the only primary school which has been allowed to open in the whole of Jakiri, but it is not allowed to use a school building. It was given permission to use an unfinished and abandoned church hall, and immediately 800 pupils of all ages up to mid- teenage, rushed to enrol in order to catch up with the education they have missed for so long. Eleven teachers have been recruited but the school has very few benches for the pupils to sit at. It has no roof, the walls are not plastered and the floor is not concreted. If we cannot raise the funds to put a roof over this school, it will close again when the rainy season starts.

Our plan – to roof the hall, divide the space into makeshift classrooms, provide sufficient benches for the pupils to sit and provide hand-washing and other facilities to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The cost of this will be £25,000.

CS Jakiri in church hall

We want to put a roof on this hall so that the school can continue

St John’s Primary School, Bamenda

Currently 600 children are registered at this primary school, but there are not enough benches for them all to sit on. This is causing dreadful overcrowding in an area with high COVID-19 infection rates. There are, however, two empty classroms which could be used and help to alleviate the overcrowding problem – if they had the necessary furniture.

Our plan – to purchase 60 benches, two tables and two chairs at a cost of £4,600

Overcrowding at St Johns

Overcrowding at St. John’s Primary School

St Joseph’s Secondary School, Bamenda

This is one of the very few secondary schools that has re-opened in Bamenda, following three years of closure. It used to have a functioning science lab but most of the equipment was damaged during the long period of closure. There are currently 400+ science students in the school who are not able to undertake any practical lessons. The school is also an examination centre and would expect an additional 1000 students to come there to take their practical papers in science.

Our plan – to refurbish and equip the science lab at a cost of £22,880

lab at St Joseph's

We want to set this space up as a science lab

We guarantee that every penny donated will go to these projects with no deductions

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