Our Latest Special Appeal

Our goal – To raise £63,000 to build Community Learning Centres in 9 IDP settlements


For the past 5 years, Cameroon has suffered from a violent socio-political crisis, known as the Anglophone crisis. The unrest has escalated into an armed conflict between the English speakers in the NW and SW regions and government security forces from the French speaking (majority) regions of the country.  This has resulted in thousands of deaths, the destruction of many villages, the loss of livelihoods and the disruption of basic services and public infrastructure. The UN has confirmed that, in the NW and SW regions, 78 schools have been destroyed and many transformed into military barracks by the opposing forces. More than a million people have been displaced and approximately 700,000 children have missed school for the past five years.

Fileh settlement

Some of the children at Fileh settlement: they were asked who would like to go to school.

Our latest appeal will fund the setting up and running of Community Learning Centres (the word ‘school’ is still too sensitive to use!).  These will be in 9 different settlements for Internally Displaced people of the NW region.  These centres will provide safe spaces for children to be during the daytime and will allow them to catch up with the education they have lost in recent years.  Many of the children have never been to school at all and cannot even recognise letters or numbers.  Each centre will have six teachers and will take around 250 children.  The teachers will be local parents who are well educated and who will be trained up, as part of this project, to teach basic skills.  The teachers will be paid a small salary for 8 months from the project costs, after which time, the community will take over the responsibility of paying them.  Each centre will also have the services of two trained psychosocial counsellors who will help the children address the problems they have experienced during this terribly difficult time.  There will also be sports equipment provided to help the children to ‘normalise’ again through the playing of team games.

Just £7,000 per settlement will provide benches, blackboards, didactic materials, exercise books, pencils and crayons, sports equipment and COVID prevention items for 250 children, as well as psychological support, teacher training and salaries.  The centres will be housed in local mud-block or straw buildings provided by the communities.  We have funded similar projects in other IDP communities before and the impact on the children and parents has been hugely beneficial.  It is amazing what can be achieved for so little.

We have almost reached our target! Just £7,000 more will mean that all the children in these remote communities can restart their education.

Please help us if you can by sending a donation through our Donate Now button on the Home Page.

Thank you.

We guarantee that every penny donated will go to these projects with no deductions.  PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN.

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