Special Appeal

BSFA Special Appeal

Improving the living conditions of 1000 Internally Displaced People living in the jungles or the bush areas of the NW and SW Regions.

Responding to the need to prevent the spread of COVID-19

We are delighted that our initial Special Appeal has been so successful.  We have achieved a great deal (see below) and we would like to thank everyone who has supported it so far – however the arrival of COVID-19 in Cameroon is now threatening the already perilous state of health and welfare of these IDPs.  After years of living in squalid conditions, the majority of the IDPs are malnourished and suffer regular bouts of water-borne disease.  Their access to soap and water is severely limited, they live in crowded conditions in makeshift shacks and they have little access to reliable information about how to prevent the spread of this virus.  Their ability to resist infection will be poor.  Our partner, SHUMAS, has already swung into action to try to protect these vulnerable communities with essential information and as much equipment as they can get hold of – and we are helping them by sending whatever money we can raise.

We managed to reach our initial target of £80,000. These funds have already been out to SHUMAS and have helped to provide 1000 IDPs with:

  • Shelter kits, mattresses and mosquito nets
  • Water purification kits, water containers, Water and Sanitation (WASH) kits
  • First Aid kits, birthing kits, baby kits and re-usable sanitary pads
  • Training in first aid, traditional birthing techniques, the production of re-useable sanitary pads, water purification.
  • Training in chick-rearing and vegetable growing in order to restore livelihoods and businesses.
  • Training in avoidance of Gender Based Violence
  • Counselling and psycho-social support
  • Social cohesion and peacebuilding groups.

Now we need more – to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 to these vulnerable communities

SHUMAS is working to

  • Deliver additional 50 litre buckets for handwashing
  • Deliver additional soap, hand sanitiser, thermometers and information leaflets on social distancing, hand washing and the importance of wearing of masks in crowded conditions.
  • Train local focal persons in each community to act as a town-crier to reinforce the measures to prevent the spread of the virus and to be able to assist those with symptoms to get to a hospital.
  • Provide additional health checks for malnutrition, malaria and other water-borne diseases.

    IDP health check  water buckets  Hand washing  Testing for Malnutrition

The anglophone crisis continues to devastate the lives and livelihoods of almost a million people in the NW and SW regions – and now the Covid19 pandemic is spreading rapidly throughout Cameroon and will severely affect the lives of all those who are living in abject poverty.

However much you are able to give, we guarantee that entire amount will go directly to the help these devastated communities.  We fund all our expenses ourselves.

Thank you

Ian, Judith, Marianne, Nick and Stuart


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