The impact of our water projects

by | May 29, 2017 | BSFA News

We have just received details of the impact of a water project that was funded by our supporters Market Makers.  The picture above shows us tasting the water at the opening of this project in April 2016.  

The Mubang/Menke water project is based in the suburbs of Bamenda in the NW region and has provided such abundant and high quality drinking water that the locals are calling it ‘Tangui’ (the name of the bottled water sold in Cameroon).  More than 500 local people are benefitting from this good drinking water, where in the past they have been used to collecting water from streams, and many more people are travelling out from Bamenda to collect the water to take back to their homes. 

Some of the changes that have been noted in the community in the past year include:

  • the virtual eradication of water related diseases in the area
  • an increase in family income because of savings made in hospital charges relating to previously common problems like diarrhoea, dysentery etc.
  • a further increase in income because families are now able to keep chickens or pigs and grow more vegetables to sell
  • an increase in the number of children being sent to school because parents can now afford school fees 
  • an increase in the number of houses being built in the area because there is sufficient water to be able to make bricks
  • enhanced community empowerment which resulted in the community constructing a road to the water catchment in order that it can be easily maintained.

It’s good to know we can help to make such a positive difference to so many people’s lives.

The huge new holding tank for this project, under construction

The huge new holding tank for this project, under construction