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Strategic Humanitarian Services (SHUMAS)

SHUMAS is a small but well-established NGO which is based in Bamenda in the NW Region of Cameroon under the leadership of its founder, Stephen Ndzerem.

Following a participatory model of working, SHUMAS has pursued the goal of sustainable integrated rural development in such diverse areas such as agriculture, water, health and education.

The very successful partnership with BSFA has meant that SHUMAS has become well known and highly respected throughout the country and, although we are still SHUMAS’ major funding partner, it has now forged close links with many other major international funding bodies such as Manos Unitas, Energy Without Borders, UNICEF and the United Nations.

Visit their website to find out more about the great work they do: www.shumas_cameroon.org

Stephen Ndzerem

Stephen Ndzerem

Founder and Director General of SHUMAS

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