Our next school project

by | Jan 16, 2022 | Improving Lives News

We are hoping that our next school project will be underway soon in the village of Njimbong in the Littoral region.  This village is very remote in the forest area, 28 Kms from the nearest town of Yabassi.  The school was created in 2014.  It is the only school in the village but has just one rough building made from planks for the 96 children and 6 teachers to work in.  Most parents in the village try to afford to send their children to school in Yabassi because of the poor nature of the local school building.  There is no toilet at this school and no drinking water available.

We are hoping to construct a block of three durable and hygienic classrooms, an office and a new latrine at this school, which should encourage more parents to send their children there.  The increase in PTA funds that this would bring would enable the school to build additional classrooms as it grows.

EP Njimbong          EP Njimbong side view